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A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding
A year after Amber helped Richard secure the crown. The two are set to tie the knot in a royal Christmas wedding — but their plans are jeopardized when Amber finds herself second-guessing whether or not she's cut out to be queen, and Richard is faced with a political crisis that threatens to tarnish not only the holiday season but the future of the kingdom.


First of all, the acting in this film is still pretty good. For some of the characters, they started to become for like real people, again I would love to give an example but I forgot all about this film. I don’t know how this is possible but the writing got worse in this film. Some of the lines contradicted each other like one writer wrote one version of the script and then left and another had to pick it up and didn’t read the first half. One thing that bugged me was the transitions in this film. They were all over the place and pretty much none of them were smooth. In one scene you’ll see them having fun and then all of a sudden transition to a guy at a laptop. Once again the scenery looked stunning and you can see all the detail they put into every scene. The costumes looked terrific once again for each character. At some points, the outfits didn’t suit the character, unlike the last film. There is a subplot in this film that takes over the film until the end of this film. This bugged me because the trailer showed me something different then what I got and the original storyline was already interesting. You would think they would have learned their lesson about pacing from the last movie and they didn’t and made it worse. It was a mixture of writing and the subplot that took over. The beginning felt to slow and then the last fifteen minutes felt way too quick. Finally, the relationship in the film made me want to break them up. The creators gave me nothing in this film to make me want to root for them. In the end, this film is once again mainly for people who love RomComs but I still wouldn’t recommend it for them. I give A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding a 5/10.

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